This year’s Kid’s Summer School was a huge success with 1,300 children visiting the campus to take lessons in varied subjects such as cooking, finance and art.


The ELCC department was represented by Janice Nakamura and her two of her seminar students who taught three sessions of a class themed ‘Move in English’. The class introduced lower elementary school children to common verbs in English such as run, climb and play through movement and song.


The children were so adorable as they joined us for a song routine by singing ‘If you are happy and you know it’ and making the corresponding actions. It was also amazing to see the children responding to simple instructions such as ‘pat your head, slap your legs’.


Our lesson ended with a book reading session. Both ELCC students, Mai Akasaka and Rina Kato, were great at teaching the kids to read. Some kids were very assertive, a few were shy and one or two participated very reluctantly. Both Mai and Rina showed great maturity by adapting to each child’s needs.


The children were very fast learners. They exceeded our expectations by reading independently at the end of the 45-minute lesson, and writing some simple verbs on a worksheet. That was a satisfying achievement for the children (and us) to bring home!