The last weekend of June took me to Kamakura with Professor Nakamura Mari and a few students. Kamakura might be my favorite trip so far as I found the big Buddha statue very impressive but calm looking. We had a bit of a late start but arrived at Kamakura and took to the Komachi-dori to find lunch and then went on to see the Tsurgaoka Hachimangu where I got to see part of a wedding and look at the pretty buildings.

After that we head for the Kamakura Daibutsu which was great and I enjoyed seeing the inside of the statue, I got a small Daibutsu statue as a souvenir. Then we ended the day by seeing some of the Meigetsuin Temple though the line and late hour meant we didn’t see the hydrangea flowers just the pretty view of the town and beach. We ended the trip with a rickshaw ride through town to the train station which was a fun experience. It was a great day trip.

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