On a day with lovely weather in June I went to Tokyo to see Asakusa and the Edo Museum in Tokyo with Professor Haisa and a few students. I had a nice time, seeing the crowded lane of shops coming up to the Sensoji was interesting though it was a little slow going through the crowd. The big lanterns were impressive and learning about throwing coins into the box and washing the hands and mouth before entering was a good cultural experience.

After lunch and seeing Asakusa we tried getting to the Edo Museum and did succeed after some searching for the right subway station for getting there. I don’t think I was very helpful getting there but did enjoy seeing the city streets. The Museum building was pretty impressive sitting above ground and with some nice rest areas to take a break in before heading into the building. The many models of villages and relics from old Japan were a nice, and often hands-on, way to learn about Japanese history. We finished at the museum by watching a (bilingual) presentation of a traditional balancing act involving tea cups and balls and then an umbrella that was very impressive. We finished the day by searching out somewhere to have a drink and relax a bit before heading back, tired from a day well spent in Tokyo.

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