The Department of English Language, Culture and Communication has been using Seibido’s e-learning program for a number of years. The aim of the program is to give students an extra opportunity outside of the classroom to learn new vocabulary and better understand grammar necessary for increasing their TOEIC score.

E-learning is available to all first and second-year students in the English Department. After logging in, using the ‘key’ that has been sent to your student email account, you can take a test that will help the software understand your weak and strong points. After completing the test, the software will automatically select lessons that it believes will help you improve your English.

Alternately, you can just log-in and select which lessons you wish to do. There are a large variety of lessons on various subjects, so there should be something for everybody. After completing each lesson, the software will show your score. This will help you keep track of how you are progressing.

Why not try it? This is a great way to help supplement your lessons and will help you take control of your learning.


Good luck.