English Camp at Enoshima: Review 2)

Day 1)
On the first day, I had precious andunforgettable experiences. The biggest activity on the first day wasthe fieldwork for our presentation on the second day. Our group’stheme for the presentation was “the Enoshima Guide for elderly couples”.We met a lot of nice elderly couples, shopkeepers and hotel ownersthrough interviews. They were all awesome, but the most memorablething was interviewing a Canadian couple from Quebec in English. They were pleasant and accepted our request, and we enjoyed having extraconversations. During the lunch break, I enjoyed talking with Martin, the instructor.I asked him some questions, but I was especially excited at his Asiantrip story. At night, I hada really great time with my friends. We didn’t know much about eachother before English Camp, but now we became real good friends. Afterfinishing the preparation for our presentation, we enjoyed playingcards, UNO, and chatting until midnight. On the first day, I met andtalked with many people, so I’m sure that this English Camp improvedmy communication skills.

That day was hard. First, we wrote someinformation about our Enoshima guide on papers. We didn’t have muchtime for it, but Martin, Gary and Ms. Miyamoto helped and gave us alot of advice, so we could finish it on time. Then, we gave apresentation. We did it without practice, so I made some mistakes, butI enjoyed it. Other two groups’ Enoshima guides were for families witha child and young couples. Both plans sounded nice and I enjoyedlistening to their presentations. I had given presentations before,but this time I learned how to give a better presentation. Thispresentation and fieldwork study will help me when I join in the thirdand fourth grade seminars.
I really enjoyed this English Camp! Thank you Martin, Gary, Ms. Miyamoto, and everyone whom I met in Enoshima 🙂 If you get achance, I want you to take part in this English program next year.