English Camp @Enoshima Part5

Day #2  4thFebruray

The camp ended at 12:30. We thanked Ethan and enjoyed sightseeing on Enoshima Island.


・This camp was so hard, but I would like to try it again! I can understand that we need more discussion and presentation in English.I really recommend this camp to hard-working students.  (Marina)

・I really enjoyed this English camp. It is very beneficial and a good opportunity to enjoy improving English skills.I want to join in this English camp next year if I have enough time to do this. (Yukiko)

・The camp was a great fun. After the camp, we went up to the top of Enoshima.Climbing the stairs was good exercise for me.I enjoyed a wonderful sea from the EnoshimaShrine.I really enjoyed communicating with friends in English! (Emiko)

・I had a good time in English Camp! It is difficult for me to understand some subjects.

I couldn’t answer teacher’s questions. So I should work hard to improve listening skills!!I enjoyed lunch and dinner time.I’m glad to participate in this Camp.

Thank you teachers and friends!  (Risa)

listening to presentation


The class is over!