My Trip to Churchill

Hi! My name is Yuu, studying in the University of Manitoba. I went to Churchill from March 28th to 31st. Churchill is located in the northern part of Manitoba Province. I enjoyed a lot of things like riding a dog sled, making Igloo, which is a snow house, walking on Hudson Bay with snow shoes, and looking at the auroras.

All of experiences are memorable for me because I experienced them for the first time in my life. However, the most memorable experience was looking at the aurora. It was so beautiful and amazing that I lost my words. I could not take its photo because the auroras’ lights were weak, but I will never forget them. 

Moreover, I went there with students from various countries such as Mexico, Saudi Arabia, France, and Canadian IEP teachers, therefore I could greatly increase my English skills.

This trip will remain in my memory forever. This memory will be my treasure for the rest of my life.


This picture is of an Igloo which we made. 3 people can be in it.

We took this picture in the place where we rode dog sleds.