English Camp @Enoshima Part4

Day #2  4thFebruray



1        5 presentations by 5 groups   evaluation

2        training to “think critically”

Our Comment

・I made a presentation on “Negative impact of the Internet”. I like a presentation, but following questions was really hard. I would have given a better answer if I had another chance. (Marina)

・“How to improve your English skills” was our title. My partner and I discussed and practiced speaking our speech with thinking about our voice volume. We finished our presentation in time. (Yukiko)

・I delivered a presentation on “how to stay healthy” with Aika and Diana.Our presentation was shorter than we had expected.I paid attention to the use of visual aid during presentation such as “hamburger vs tofu” on the paper. (Emiko)

・We presented “the global warming”. I made a research on our cellphone. It was difficult.We enjoyed girls talk until late last night, so we had littletime for the presentation. But I think our presentation was not bad 🙂  (Miyuki)

Hamburger vs Tofu!

Let’s use eco-bags to stop global warming!