Janice N. Seminar

英語文化コミュニケーション学科 専任講師





 In this seminar, we will study English by using content related to psychology. Why do women wear jeans after breaking up with their boyfriends? How can you tell if someone is lying? Why does going to the campus gym increase your GPA? These are just some of the questions we will discuss.
In this two-year course, you will acquire the following:
1) Academic writing skills (e.g., paraphrasing, hedging)
2) Presentation skills (e.g., preparing notes, contrasting one’s voice, using gestures)
3) Understanding of the research genre (e.g., introduction, method, results, discussion)
4) Understanding of human thought and behavior (e.g., why are siblings different?)
5) Critical thinking skills (e.g., giving reasons why television is GOOD for you)
6) Analytical skills (e.g., conducting surveys and analyzing the results)
All the above will improve your English skills tremendously and help you to write a graduation thesis in English on a topic of your choice in your fourth year!


This seminar is conducted mostly in English but some Japanese is used. Therefore, a certain level of English proficiency is needed to fully benefit from it. Students must be comfortable interacting in an English environment and to read/discuss articles in English. They must also be motivated and prepared to put in the necessary effort to bring their English abilities one level higher.



Our seminar is involved in Aioi Festival and Kid’s Summer School every year.