Bourke Seminar

英語文化コミュニケーション学科 准教授





English, English, English! That is my specialty and I want to make it yours! Based on the topic of intercultural communication, this course offers students the opportunity to use and develop all their English skills. Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability in an all-English environment. 1st semester: Intercultural communication; what is it? (input) During the first semester, students will gain knowledge into the vast field of intercultural communication and what it involves. Class notes are to be kept and submitted at the end of the semester for grading. 2nd semester: Intercultural communication projects (output) Individually, and in groups, students will work on investigating various areas of intercultural communication and present these to the class. 3rd semester: Research, data collection, report writing Students will work on collecting data and reporting on their individually selected area of research. 4th semester: Completion and presentation of research * Students who are unsure what intercultural communication involves are advised to visit the university library where they will find many Japanese books on the subject.


Before the beginning of the course, it would be very helpful to read the following book to better understand course content : 異文化理解入門 : グローバルな時代を生きるための,原沢伊都夫 (it can be found in the library)


Areas include: education, psychology, Japanese culture, otaku culture, food culture, coffee culture, body language, international marriage, discrimination, working mothers, surrogate motherhood etc.