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この1年間、春・秋学期を通して「英作文」のクラスで色々なタイプのライティングを学びました。今回は、一つの出来事について時系列順に書く「物語パラグラフ(narrative paragraph)」の力作をご紹介します。語り手の心の動きが伝わります。

Farewell Party

Last year, I went to Australia for about 2 weeks. I stayed with a host family. Let me talk about the key event during farewell party. Host families and teachers held a farewell party for us. The day, we went to school in our usual way. We prepared for thanks letters to our host families. Moreover, I was assigned to read a letter of appreciation on behalf of the whole class. At first, I thought I would not be able to play such an important role. So, I nearly declined the request. However, I had the second thought: it would be a waste to miss a chance. I decided to take on a job. I desperately thought and wrote a letter. The farewell party was held after school.I suffered from a stage fright. In evening, I also went to school again with my host family. There were many school teachers and host families. The farewell party finally started. At first, Principal and teachers talked to everyone. Then the principal gave each of us a Certificate of Achievement. I was deeply impressed. Finally, I read a letter of appreciation. I was so nervous that my foot were uncontrollably shaking. I finished an important role. I felt very relieved. This was how the wonderful event finished.




この1年間、春・秋学期を通して「英作文」のクラスで色々なタイプのライティングを学びました。その一つが叙述パラグラフ(descriptive paragraph)です。「おすすめの場所」というテーマで書いてみました。お勧めしたい気持ちが伝わればいいのですが…読み手に優しい作文になっていますでしょうか?

Kanuma Park in Fuchinobe

The place that I want to recommend to everybody is “Kanuma Park”. The park is near my house and I have been there often since I was young. The first reason why I recommend this place to you is that you can see a lot of animals such as swans, turtles, ducks, carps, pigeons and the like. The second reason is its natural richness. The park has a lot of plants with colorful flowers and green grasses. Surrounded by nature, I am sure you will relax in the park. Thirdly, the atmosphere is different in the day and in the evening. During daytime there are many children playing cheerfully riding on types of toy cars. In the evening, it becomes dark and quiet, and you can really settle down. Whether you want to relax or have fun, I would recommend this lovely park.

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第7回全国エコツーリズム学生シンポジウム(後援 環境省・観光庁・農林水産省、文部科学省)において全国31の大学ゼミナールからの応募から選抜され、

1年生 English Speaking の作品展示

First year students have created ‘Photo Stories’ as part of their coursework for Janice Nakamura’s English Speaking II class. They are now displayed at the Library Café (second floor of the library building) until March 2016. These ‘Photo Stories’ are highly original, creative, funny, and even action-packed!  The students really enjoyed using English to tell a story. Please drop by the Library Café and check out their work!English Speaking


Thank you for coming to our Malaysian-style bracelet making class and looking at posters made by students of our English department.
At first, we were not sure how many people will drop by our room.
Unexpectedly, about 80 visitors came in the short time (1pm to 3pm) that we were open on both festival days.
To be honest, we could not manage the small crowd because we were understaffed.
Next year, we will try to be more efficient and get more seminar members to participate.
We will also think of something better and more fun.
It has been a really fun time at Aioi Festival 2015!!

By Machi

First year students’ posters on display

First year students’ posters on display

Second year students’ photo story project on display

Second year students’ photo story project on display

Mother and child participants made matching bracelets. How cute!

Mother and child participants made matching bracelets. How cute!

Seminar students busy teaching visitors how to make bracelets

Seminar students busy teaching visitors how to make bracelets