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Time Magazine多読プロジェクト

For this spring term, students in Janice Nakamura’s Comprehensive English class will be reading Time, the world’ leading weekly magazine on the latest world, political, tech, science, health, and entertainment news.

Each student brings home one issue for a week, and comes back to class to briefly discuss a snippet of an article from that issue with another student. After that, the students swap their issues and bring home a different one for another week. This goes on for 15 weeks. To record their reading, students write their names on a reading log glued to the back of each magazine.

Will holding on to a Time magazine for a week, and looking at different issues over a term lead to improved reading ability? Well, we just have to see if this project increases students’ literacy exposure and skills, and their understanding of global issues. Let the reading begin!

2016年度 英語クラス編成【一部修正版】




この1年間、春・秋学期を通して「英作文」のクラスで色々なタイプのライティングを学びました。今回は、一つの出来事について時系列順に書く「物語パラグラフ(narrative paragraph)」の力作をご紹介します。語り手の心の動きが伝わります。

Two Surprises

One of the most memorable events in my life was a live concert of EXILE held in December, 2011. I was dying to go to the concert, but it was just before an important examination season, so my mother did not allow me to go. But she got me a ticket by surprise. Because I had not been to a live concert for two years, I cannot tell how excited I was during the event. The happy time passed so quickly, and the live concert was coming to an end. Then, the music suddenly stopped when a man dressed in the security guard appeared on the stage. It was Takashi Okamura, aka “OKAXILE” who came back to Tokyo Dome after an interval of four years. What a surprise! I still remember that I was excited very much and took me a long time to cook down after the concert. The event was full of happy surprises and its memory still makes me happy.