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English Camp @Enoshima Part3

Day #2  4thFebruray

A gorgeous sunrise in Enoshima @6:30


Happy faces at breakfast


All of us had a long evening after bath, preparing for presentation.

Some of us had a little party in our own rooms (no photos)

Some of us got up before dawn and walked up to Enoshima Shrine (look at an amazing

sunrise !)

English Camp @Enoshima Part2

Day #1   3rd February


1  warming up, learning effective methods of listening and note-taking


2  watching video presentations and discussing their contents

“English Mania”, “How to live up to +100”


3  working together for presentation on Day#2

Our Comment

・I enjoyed dicussing the video. So difficult, but it was fun to explain the video in MY own English.  (Marina)

・Preparing for a presentation is very difficult. My partner and I helped each other and could finish the presentation. I had a good experience — improving my English skillsand enjoying it at the same time. (Yukiko)

・Above all I was impressed with Ethan’s keeping telling us “Don’t be shy!”The video was difficult, and yet discussing it made me think really hard. (Emiko)

・Although really sleepy after lunch, I enjoyed “Discussing videos” the most. The content of the video was interesting and it made me listen hard. Compare to what we usually have in the English class, it was specific and I learned to think clearly.  (Mizue)

・During the preparation for presentation, my SENPAI kindly taught us the word usage and grammar. (Risa)

After class, we were divided into 5 groups to make presentation…..tomorrow!

Topic was up to each group. Without the access to the Internet, can we manage to get it ready by tomorrow?

Ethan and us watching a video presentation


Lunch break

[お知らせ] 海外インターンシップ「卒業研修Ⅰ」説明会があ...





説明会日時: 4月27日(水) 12:20~12:50

会場: マーガレット本館2142教室

企画・現地運営会社: ライトハウス・キャリアエンカレッジメント(株)

English Camp @Enoshima Part1

We (a group of 1st~3rd year students) had a 2-day camp at Enoshima Island.

The course was designed to encourage us, the students with higher TOEIC scores, to learn academic English.

They had to communicate only in English;

from the moment we have landed on Enoshima,

until we are out of Enoshima.

Enoshima Island


“Kanagawa Josei Center”, where we stayed


私は今、卒業制作で、リッキー・ジャーヴェイス主演のThe Invention of lying (2009)という映画のシナリオ翻訳をしています。
きっかけは、大学3年生のときに留学先のカナダでみたジム・キャリー主演のYes man(2008)という映画でした。英語が分からなかった私は「つまらないな」と感じましたが、帰国後に日本語字幕つきで見た時には、内容を理解することができ楽しむことができました。そこで、まだ翻訳されていない映画を多くの人に見てほしいと思ったのです。