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Kids' サマースクール

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Janice Nakamura Seminar organized an English class called ‘Animals, animals, animals’ for this year’s Kids’ Summer School. A number of elementary school students attended the class in spite of the very hot day.

We taught a lesson about animals sounds. At first, we had a great time dancing and singing to the song, “Do the Monkey”. We got to know the name of animals in English and the sounds they make through games and quizzes.

In the afternoon, the second year students read their original English picture books to children with some support from senior students in Janice Nakamura’s seminar. I learned that it was important to speak slowly, use gestures, and keep a smile to connect to children.

In this event, we gained a valuable experience teaching English to children.

I’m looking forward to next year’s Kid’s Summer School!


英文科一年生 夏休みの課題について





Happy Summer to you all!


June 26th 2016. Today I was lucky enough to travel to Kamakura with a Professor Mari Nakamura and two of her seminar students today. It has been by far one of the more fun trips I’ve experienced in Japan and I got to experience a Jinrickshaw which was one of the highlights from the trip. Professor Nakamura and two girls name Saori and Ayako took me around Kamakura area for not only shopping and good eats but also showed me such a breath taking view at Hasedera temple. I love a good view and this view was spectacular! I was also able to see and actually go inside the Great Buddha while we were visiting as well. Truly remarkable and beautiful for both of the places we visited. These amazing people showed me amazing cultural aspects as well were wonderful company and it truly was a journey to remember. I’ve not only had a great time but I’ve also made great friends/relations with these ladies. I hope one day they can come to California so that I can return the favor and show them around the beautiful west coast of California and the treasures that it hides.kamakura