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この1年間、春・秋学期を通して「英作文」のクラスで色々なタイプのライティングを学びました。その一つが叙述パラグラフ(descriptive paragraph)です。「おすすめの場所」というテーマで書いてみました。お勧めの場所を皆さんにもお知らせしたいと思います。今年も読み手に優しい作文を心掛けました。

Bon Voyage

   My favorite location is “Bon Voyage”. “Bon Voyage” is the place where you can buy Disney souvenirs. The shop is open from 7:30 till 23:00. “Bon Voyage” is only 1 minute on foot from Maihama Station, and 2 minutes on from Tokyo Disneyland. There are reasons why I like this place. First, it is on the way to Disneyland. You will get excited by getting accessories, or even dresses. The store is quiet in the morning, and it is possible to listen to nice music. Also you can stop by at the shop after visiting Disneyland. After the closing time of Disneyland, “Bon Voyage” is still open, so you can enjoy shopping leisurely. The shop name means “Good travel”. I think it is such a nice name because the shop sends their customer to a good travel to Disneyland. You should not miss the shop when you visit Tokyo Disneyland!



英文科1年生 秋学期の課題について





現在までの達成者リスト は下記のとおりです。

1612011 1612023 1612048 1612012
1612064 1612030 1612002 1612066
1612035 1612062 1612070 1612028
1612010 1612040 1612067 1612014
1612072 1612027 1612069 1612017
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1612052 1612061 1612007 1612021
1612047 1612056 1612031 1612037
1612033 1612057 1612036
1612034 1612059 1612049

English Topic Talk – やさしい英会話

December 7th saw the final class of Sagami Academy’s English Topic Talk やさしい英会話 course. This 20-class English refresher course was held every Wednesday from 10:40 to 12:10 at Sagami Women’s University.

The course was designed to helpmature students improve their understanding of English language and culture, as well as, give participants the confidence and skills to take part in conversations on everyday subjects. It also offered the opportunity for like-minded members of the local community to meet once a week and get to know one another.

I would like to thank all the members of this class for theirregular attendance and trying to the best of their abilities. I certainly hope to meet you all again sometime soon.


TOEIC IPテストの実施について(12/17)

1~3年生を対象に、TOEIC IPテストを実施いたします。

【時 間】 9:30集合 10:00試験開始
【場 所】 2131教室:1年生全員、3年生(1412001~1412040)


メキシコの交換留学生がEnglish Speakingの授業に参加しています

Hello everyone, my name is Nicole León, I’m 18 years old and I’m an exchange student from Guanajuato, Mexico. I came to Japan by an international club called Rotary and my wishes for learning the culture, language and traditions of this country. Right now I’m placed in the 1st year of high school due to lack of Japanese since I’m still not good at it, to be honest, this is my first time learning the language, I hope I can get to be trilingual one day (I already speak English and Spanish fluently). My high school is in the same campus of Sagami Women’s University. If you have any question feel free to talk to me or the English teacher, Ms. Nakamura Janice.