English Camp at Enoshima: Review 1)

I joined English Camp for the first time. First day, we learned about Enoshima’s history, did pair work, played quizzes and games in English. Teachers were friendly and kind and we could learn English while having fun. What impressed me most was field work in Enoshima. Our group asked old couples, hotel owners and shopkeepers a few questions about Enoshima to make presentation. Then, we had opportunities to communicate in English with a Canadian couple. Also we did sightseeing in Enoshima.

The field work was not easy but I had a good time. A second day, we made out an Enoshima itinerary for old couples to make a presentation. I had difficulty writing a presentation’s manuscript and plan itinerary in English over a finite period of time but teachers helped and adviced us. Becouse of this, the presentation went well and I enjoyed a sense of achievement. Through this camp, I learn how to presentation in English and could enjoy learning English. Also this camp motivated me to learn English more. I think that it was a good thing that I participated in English Camp and I had a valuable experience.